Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Brighter Future


I was able to pick up one of these great OttLites at a steal from Jo-Ann's when they were having one of their door busters last week.  I've owned one for years and love the natural light and true colors and I find that I can work on my craft longer with this light.    

I must say Ott sure has come along way since I got my first lamp over ten years ago.

Until next time,


  1. The OttLites are fabulous. I carry mine around the house to illuminate my work when I am hand sewing hexagons.

  2. Oh wow! I NEED a green one! Lol

  3. I managed to get two of them on that same sale - one for me to use, one for a future blog giveaway!!

  4. My story about Ott Lites. About 9 years ago, my fire alarm went off. I was able to get outside of the house, call 911, save the cat and my husband's brand new sports car. When the fire was put out, the firemen were sure that the room over the garage was my business (why would anyone have that much fabric, etc.). The arson chief came to look at the situation. It was determined that the Ott Lite had been knocked over (by the kitten?), the lite opened up on the carpet and smoldered until the carpet caught fire. The BIG Rule on Ott lites is absolutely be sure to unplug them when you are finished. $40,000 to repair and replace!


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